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Our Augmented Reality location-based mobile App,

 helps pilgrims crowded during Hajj & umrah, by preventing them of being LOST in Direction / Individuals

AR-based location, to get accurate direction 


where do you want to go ? choose your point and raise your mobile cam. that's it  ​

you will have step by step navigation to reach your point over Augmented Reality



Anti-lost device to connect you with your group and your Motawef 


with ARSA you can track anyone using phone to phone tracking, also you can track children and elderly by using our GPS bracelet, you will receive alarm when your member has gone away more than 10m, also you can look for him using the AR navigation feature ​

Heat Map ! 


Plan your direction and get alternative direction based on AI heat map suggestion, AR navigation 

Push to talk IPTT ! 


communicate with your motawef of IPTT in your own language  

ARSA, Zero lost case in Hajj & Umrah

ARSA, Zero lost case in Hajj & Umrah

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A Saudi Startup, based in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia, utilising advanced technology bringing an innovative solution to Hajj and Umrah sector, in order to reach the best user experience and serve 15 million unique visitors every year. One of FIKROPEDIA's projects

Meet The Team


Ali Alghamdi, CEO

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BA bachelor degree, 18 years of work experience,  X-SABIC employee, Top 50 tech innovator award from InterCon 2019, has developed @Nihaomobileapp, managing @fikropedia information Technology. 

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Mohammed Alsolami, CTO

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PhD Candidate in Computer Science, Master in CS & Master in MA, and Robotics, Researcher in Maryland and Royal Commission, 16 years of work experience, has developed several successful projects. @king4arabs



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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

M: +966541998112

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